Monday, April 19, 2010


Hello from Rome.     Hard to believe another week has gone by.   In contrast to the first week on the ship, the second was a whirlwind and over before I could even think about it.     It was beyond difficult leaving today.     I do believe I have made friends here that I will have for a lifetime.     I feel extremely blessed to have found such wonderful people to share my days and nights with.    For anyone still on board who may be reading this, I’ll miss joining you for happy hour tonight and just a tad jealous that you are staying on for another ten days.  

Exhausting and very emotional day moving from the ship to my new home for the next month.      I am tired, can barely keep my eyes open.     

I really need to catch everyone up on what I’ve been doing.   I suspect you might be wondering if I am even still alive.    Things have been moving so fast and the internet access so slow that I gave up on updating.   Will recap what I’ve been doing after I get some rest.   

For now, just a quick update that I made it to Rome.   Dad also made it here despite the volcano.   I am temporarily being housed in another apartment on via Babuino right off the Spanish Steps.      Will be moved tomorrow to my new home just a couple of streets away.      Looking forward to settling in and finding my routine again.

It has been pouring all afternoon.   Huge bursts of thunder and now hail.   Prior to now the weather has been perfect.     I am actually secretly thrilled that it is crappy out so I have an excuse to stay in and be lazy.     

It is good to be back in Rome.   I feel at home here and looking forward to the next part of my adventure.    Ciao. 

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