Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spa Day and a Little Challenge

Just writing to say that the spa here is lovely.     My massage was wonderful.  I have lots of knots in my shoulders.    They are still there but I am feeling better and very very relaxed.    I almost booked another one on the way out but decided to let some of my bliss go before I committed to another purchase.

I have accomplished nothing today.   Nothing.

I did get a walk in this morning for five miles.    But after that, nothing.  I haven’t even had the energy for lunch.   It is 5:30 here now.    Lost another hour this afternoon.  I can’t figure out what that is doing for the light.   Does that mean its staying lighter later?   I’ll have to do some observation.

I just got a call from someone I met the other night to see if I wanted to join them for dinner.  I feel terrible but I truly am feeling just super relaxed and not really in the mood for socializing .   I feel guilty about that, but I have to remember that I am doing this for two months and do not want to burn out too early.   

I spent some time yesterday reading books about Paris in the library.     That part of the trip seems so far from now, but I do not want to neglect it and want to be ready.  

They say that by day 4 on a cruise like this, people start to get very anxious and that’s when things start getting really interesting.  I will definitely be on the look out for that.    I do hear lots more commotion around my room and less people are out today.   Louder tvs and the people above me keep dropping weights or something on the ceiling.     I quite enjoy just being on the ship and watching the water, but I can tell that it will be good to start stopping places.   Lisbon is our first port but not until next Monday.  

I ran into my new friends from Houston last night.   Ironically, we discovered that our rooms are right near each other.   I have given them a secret knock so I can distinguish them from my stalker friend. 

The weather is getting a little cooler.    We are somewhere south of Newfoundland I think.    I didn’t realize this but when you go across the ocean, you do not go straight across.   You take the circle route.   Because the earth is curved.   I also learned that Ernest Hemingway collected teredactial cats.  I know that is not the right word.   But basically they are cats with more than the normal number of toes.   They are supposed to bring sailors good luck because the extra toes mean extra stability.     I had no idea this trip would be so educational.

The ocean is getting darker blue and now there are little white caps.    I do not feel seasick at all.    

Waving hi to everyone from the middle of the ocean!     Thanks for all the positive wishes and thoughts.   It helps to know that I am not completely alone.  

My shrimp cocktail has arrived… so farewell for now.   If someone can figure out the right word for teredactial cats, maybe there will be a special prize for you when I get back!    Yup, that’s a challenge…

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