Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seriously, A Conflict?

Thursday.    An overcast cool morning.   Woke up early. 

Last night was quiet.    Watched some of Lost in Translation and then decided to go to dinner before it was too late.   Ate by myself in the Lido.    Last time I will do that.    I usually like to dress for dinner, but after the massage and ensuing laziness, I just couldn’t do it.   It was room service or the Lido and I was feeling pathetic enough that staying in was really not an option.   

Secured a table in the corner with the added advantage of decent people watching.   Dinner was steak, green beans and a beet salad.   I love beets.   It was okay.   Something about the cafeteria atmosphere for dinner is sad to me though.     The waiter came by and told me I looked tired.     The older couple sitting next to me spent dinner talking loudly about their sex life.     I was trying not to listen, but it was impossible.   Maybe it is just me, but there’s something nice about having a conversation like that at a slighter lower decimal.   Maybe they wanted me to hear.   Truly just a sad night all around.    A mini bowl of banana ice cream, a few minutes with my feet in the hot tub, and back to bed.

Highlight of my day (post massage) was finding a little note in my mailbox from my new friends confirming our dinner date on Friday at 7 in the Pinnacle.  

Don’t feel bad for me.  Today is a better day.

On an odd note, I woke up in the middle of the night and had a chocolate covered strawberry.   Who does that?   Logging in this morning, I accidently turned on my video cam and caught an early morning picture of myself.

All of this leads me to digging out my pilates dvd, rearranging my stateroom furniture, de-assembling my lobster folded towel and finding a couple of two liter bottles of water.    50 minutes later, feeling a little better.     8:30 and I’m out on the deck.   Apparently everyone is sleeping in this morning (yay!) and so I get a few good miles in before the strollers start coming out.    Perfect walking weather.     Finished 8 miles, 24 laps.   3 laps = 1 mile.  

Wrapped up my healthy morning with three glasses of water with my favorite waiter Ed in the lobby.    Chatted for a bit about his bartending career.    Signed up for the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure being held on Sunday morning.   Picked up a new t-shirt (Double yay!  A clean shirt!)

Back up to my room to grab my stuff and hit the Crows Nest for a couple of hours of reading and writing.     An invitation in my mailbox to join the Captain’s Table for dinner and cocktails… Friday night at 7:30.

I’m on here for over two weeks by myself.   Seriously, how can I have a conflict?   I’m guessing I can’t blow off the captain’s dinner.   

The announcement just came on and if anyone is interested in the ship stats, here’s a little tidbit.    We have traveled 2123 nautical miles.    1469 remaining until Lisbon.     We are currently 450 miles west of the azores.    Both the air temperature and the ocean temperature are 63 degrees.   It is definitely greyer today.   I think today and tomorrow will be inside days.     Pedicure tomorrow.  

Back to War and Peace.    Still on page 58.  

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