Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Routines and a Mini Rant

Day 3?  Day 4?   Losing track of time already.   Funny how the ship will do that to you.     Clearly too much relaxing. 

I have settled into my routine.    With a little variation, the general formula is coffee and fruit in the morning on my balcony.   Long walks around the deck.   Nap.   Lunch.   Read.   Short walk.   Write in my journal or blog and sit on balcony before getting ready for dinner.    Then dinner and drinks or some combination of that.   Meet people and then go listen to music and converse.    Back to bed and do it all over again the next day.

Just a note about the walking.   Walking on the deck in the fresh sea air is one of my favorite things to do.   Ever.   I seriously dream about this.   (Big nerd).  There is not much else to do during the day anyway.  I catch the recaps of the history and port lecture series in the morning on my tv.   I don’t play bingo.   I’m trying to stay out of the sun.  

But here’s the thing with the walking.     Someone seriously needs to re-teach these people walking etiquette.    How hard is it to stay to the right if you are going to walk really really slow.   I mean really incredibly slow.   I feel like some kind of walking freak.    And there is no need to take up the entire deck for one person.   I am learning patience for sure.   There are many wonderful qualities I am observing, but the breakdown in walking etiquette is not one of them.      There are a couple of fast walkers on the ship.   We try and stay in a line and blow past all the old folks all in one bunch.      

End rant.    I needed to get that off my chest.     I will be a better person again from here on out.

I’m on the balcony now.   Sea is calm.   Air is fresh.    Sky is a pale blue.   Every once in awhile I see a fish jump out of the water.    Or something fish-like.    

Every day we lose an hour in the afternoon.   There is no 2-3pm on this ship.     I suppose if you are going to skip an hour, that’s a good one to miss.   

I am meeting lots of really nice people.   Expanding my horizons.   I was telling John in an earlier email that I am actually quite charming.   I guess traveling solo forces you to be somewhat interesting or you risk being… well, solo.  

I have two upcoming dinner dates planned and have acquired a bit of a ship stalker.    Not thrilled about the latter.  

Tomorrow is spa day #1.   Have my massage planned for 3:00.    Will have to figure out how to squeeze that in.

On page 58, War and Peace.   Something about being here requires me to read a page 3 or 4 times before it sinks in.     Or maybe its just the book, anyway, enough people know I am reading it now that I need to at least attempt to make a dent.

I’d really love to live on this ship.  I will pray extra hard that John decides to be a cruise doctor when he grows up.   I would be really good at assisting.   Can totally see myself affixing those little round stickers behind people’s ears during office hours.

A girl can dream…

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