Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Endless Flowers

My well intentioned Romance Week fizzled out as quickly as it started.    Sometimes life gets in the way.     After dealing with feeling terrible for a couple days with some random illness, I managed to pull it together to get some needed things accomplished before John and I headed to St. Louis for the long holiday weekend and our first official meeting of the families and wedding related celebration.    

So while I didn’t quite get around to sharing the planned romance with all of you during this past week, I assure you we did a pretty nice job behind the scenes.   This weekend was perfect in so many ways and if anyone in my new family is out there reading, again our thanks to each of you for making it so special.   Our dinner on the lawn surrounded by candlelight, fireflies, great new friends and family and wonderful food and wine, is an evening we will never forget.  Truly magical.  

One of my favorite things from this weekend was a gift from John’s parents.  A gorgeous flower vase.   Even better is the gentle reminder given to John that it is his new responsibility to make sure it stays filled each week as we enter our new married life together.   Isn’t that the loveliest gift?   I certainly think so!   I have to say, John is really pretty good about flowers.   He is always surprising me.   This just makes it an official duty.   Yay for new families and new traditions!  

All this talk about flowers reminds me of one of my favorite spots in Europe.     On our very last day on board the ship, my new group of friends and I ventured out to Nice for the afternoon.    We had a  truly special time filled with lots of giddy laughter and fun.   

I especially fell in love with the Flower Market in Nice.   Row after row of gorgeous flowers in all shades and textures.     I was thrilled to finally visit as it was a place I had always heard about but had never seen.     I love flower markets in general… I mean really… how could you not?   But this one in particular was really special.   Something about the light in Nice makes everything sparkle a little.   Very fresh.   Just gorgeous.  

And a little tidbit for any of my male readers (you know who you are!), next time your wandering around a gorgeous flower market with a special someone, one of the most romantic gestures you can do is buy her some of her favorites on the spot.   Nothing says I love you more than spontaneous flower buying.      I’ll always remember the guy in Rome who was being pestered by one of the ever present rose sellers at his dinner table.   Most of these sellers get brushed away, but this particular guy bought the entire bunch of roses for his date.    How romantic is that?

Wishing everyone a romantic and flower filled day!    And a very special Happy Anniversary wish to John!   Three years ago today.    I feel like the luckiest girl alive and I am looking forward to a lifetime of flowers with you.  


  1. Love the gift from your future In-Laws - such a clever and thoughtful gift!

    Beautiful flower photos - I've always wanted to go to a market like that.

  2. gorgeous pictures! I love the idea that it's his new "duty" to keep the vase full with fresh flowers. That's realy sweet! :)

  3. yay, you're back! :P

    i love that last photo. those are ranunculus, right? my atrocious spelling aside, i love that flower. we used them in our wedding, so they make me smile whenever i see them.

    i love the 'hint' with the vase. very funny. never did work on my hubbers tho. :P

  4. Thanks everyone.... I thought the vase idea was so fabulous! I am going to try and hold him to it :)

    Kelli - I actually have no idea what flower that is.... but I love them too and was actually thinking about them for my wedding... so thanks for the tip :) !!


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