Friday, July 23, 2010

Latin Quarter, A Guilty Pleasure

Why is it that whenever I am here...

I always end up with something like this...

Which are entirely amazing at the time, but then make me grateful for these... 

And then lots of this the next morning... 

Paris, always a little bit of a guilty pleasure and a nice reminder that while generally everything is good in moderation, every once in awhile, a little excess does wonders for the soul. 

PS - For the uninitiated, and also because it is just a bad picture, that pancake-y looking blob above is a crepe.   If you look really closely, you can see a little banana slice poking out through the nutella.   


  1. such lovely photos. Banana and Nutella crepe YUM!

  2. beautiful photos. the lighting is wonderful.

  3. hahaha! what a great little photo story.

    (also, if you had a beer photo, this would perfectly explain why i packed on a good bunch of pounds when i first moved to europe.)

    ps - wedding challenge...sounds like fun! :D


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