Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love Locks

Is there anything more romantic that committing your love to another person, sealing it with a lock and then throwing away the key? 

I suppose some may find that thought dreadfully terrifying, but being the hopeless romantic that I am, it makes me all warm and fuzzy.     In honor of what I am unofficially deeming Romance Week here on Vita Nostra, I am going to share with you one of my favorite spots in Paris, the Ponts de Arts, filled with the ultimate display of love and commitment, Love Locks.

What’s a Love Lock?   Ahhhh.... this is the romantic part.    No one is really sure where the tradition started, although there are varying theories, but the story is that young and old lovers alike commit their love to each other in the most symbolic way possible by adding a Love Lock to the bridge.    Each lock is inscribed with a romantic little tidbit, names, dates, meaningful quotes and dreamy thoughts.    Couples affix their inscribed lock to the bridge and then throw the key into the Seine.      How incredibly romantic is that?

I could literally spend hours on the bridge reading these.  Imagining each couples unique love story.  Unfortunately, as I learned after the fact, right before my first visit to the bridge, the Parisian government cleaned out the majority of existing locks leaving a blank slate.   It certainly isn’t stopping anyone and new locks are cropping up all the time, but how disappointing!   

I hope this tradition continues.   I would love to someday be able to add our own Love Lock to the bridge.    

And if you are wondering, we’re celebrating Romance Week here this week because John and I are approaching our three year anniversary.   A special one as this is our first as an engaged couple.     Since we’re feeling all in love, I figured we’d share some of this romantic gushiness with all of you!   Enjoy and I’d love to hear your own favorite romantic stories this week…. Inspire us!


  1. oh wow. i absolutely love the 'love lock'! i might have to go back there one day with the boy just to do that. wonderful post & photos!

  2. This is soo romantic! We came across the same thing in the Cinque Terre, Italy on our honeymoon! LOVE it.


  3. i'd never heard of this before. i'm sure it will be absolutely covered in locks again soon. i don't think the Parisians' sense of romance will be stifled so easily.

    romance week - how sweet! congrats and happy anniversary! :)

  4. Ana - Thanks! Definitely check it out. Very neat spot.

    Christine - What a romantic spot to visit on your honeymoon. I love Cinque Terre... how neat to see these locks show up in other places! So sweet.

    Kelli - I agree... its just a matter of time :) And thank you too!!

  5. I love that idea and I never knew of that bridge... so cute! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary, what do you have planned?

  6. What a faboo idea! We have an anniversary coming up, and a trip to Paris just might be in the cards. Now I have to go and find a lock...

    Thanks for posting this, and congratulations on your anniversary!

  7. I was just in Paris in April and wondered about those locks of love, beautiful images. :)

  8. oh my gosh, i love this! i think my hubby and i will have to add a lock next time we're in paris... thanks for sharing!



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