Monday, June 20, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

What's with the red hot dogs anyway? 

Is this a southern tradition that I need to know about? 

With bright red casings and sawdust like filling, I am not a fan.

I am a fan of all beef hot dogs and evening baseball. 

Hot summer nights, cold beer, 'real' hot dogs, cotton candy mustaches...

My favorite part is trying to guess the height and weight of the guys on the field and then finding the answer in their playbook bios.  (Only during the slow parts of course.) 

Do you think they know they are being followed by a giant multicolored chicken? 

We try and make a couple of Durham Bulls games each summer.   A fun and inexpensive weeknight diversion close to home.  

Are you a fan?   What's your favorite part of the game? 


  1. Not a fan, sorry :(
    and I eat 98% fat free hot dogs :(
    with 98% fat free turkey chili, on a whole wheat bun. A REAL (yummy) hot dog has 14 to 17 grams of fat per dog, not counting the bun, and whatever you pile on it.

    I'm no fun! lol
    I do like roller derby, and the Olympics, both winter and summer games :D

  2. Della - Too funny.... I try and pretend its 98% fat free when I'm eating it. That makes it easier :)

  3. I'm not a huge baseball fan...we go once in a blue moon...but a Dodger dog can't be beat...and I don't even want to know the calories!!! ;-P

  4. Emily, I wish I could do that!

  5. I definitely enjoy a good Durham Bulls game. I had the same reaction to those strange red hot dogs when I saw them at the game a few weeks ago. What are those?!??!?! I asked the cook and apparently they're a local NC made Brightleaf Hot Dogs. (Brightleaf is from the popular tobacco leaf from the region.) Part beef and part pork, mixed with seasoning for a kick. I prefer the all beef ones myself, but this has been a local fave for years from what I've heard.

  6. Jes - I was totally thinking of you when I put this up! ... I just can't wrap my head around a red hot dog, but good to know the background on these. Thanks for coming to my confusion rescue!


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