Friday, March 18, 2011

Roman Proposal - A Year Ago Today

Rose at the Spanish Steps near our Hotel
I can't believe it has been a year already!   So much has changed, I hardly feel like the same person.    I think that is a good thing.     

John and I had just arrived in Rome (a surprise trip for me!) and were wandering around jet lagged taking it all in.     It was a whirlwind weekend of a trip, highlighted by a very romantic proposal following dinner at my favorite restaurant.    A year ago today!

Thought I'd share a few images from our proposal weekend in Italy.   Brings back lots of wonderful memories.

Roman Forum
Man on the Steps
Pantheon Cafe

At the Vatican
View from Castel Sant'Angelo
Roman Fountain
Walking in Rome
Final Night in Rome at the Trevi Fountain
Would love to hear about your proposal.   These are always the best stories!   I have to say that John did surprise me with this one.    I wanted something romantic, but certainly wasn't expecting this.    He likes to say that he earned lots of points for this one.   (I tend to agree. )


  1. I'm still waiting for mine! One of these days the boyfriend will propose and then I will share! Your proposal and trip look absolutely amazing!! :)

  2. My Jon put the ring in my stocking and I opened it Christmas Eve before we went to see family. {I sort of knew it was coming, because he kept asking when we were going to do the stockings, and saying that I might want something in there before we saw our families.} It was still super sweet!

  3. How lovely...enjoyed your photos. We were there last April and I'm dying to go again...maybe someday!!

    How romantic!!!

  4. Thanks for you comments!

    Brittany - Waiting is the hardest part... but sooo worth it!
    jdavis - I LOVE your story. I think that is so romantic.
    Meeling - Seems like we might have been in Rome at same time last year. I was there mid April through mid May. It is such a wonderful city...


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