Monday, March 28, 2011

Charleston, South Carolina

"We should do this more often.   Get away."

"Long weekends are the best.    Just enough to get us out of the daily routine, but not long enough to exhaust too much vacation time."

"Charleston next?"

"Perfect, I haven't been there in years."

"Let's go for your birthday.   I'll make the plans.  It will be a surprise."

Charleston seems to be my birthday destination.  I haven't been in about five years, but my first visit was on a road trip with a very special friend who just happens to share the same birthday weekend.     We had a great time together, walking around downtown, enjoying the warm spring air, eating lots of good food and celebrating getting older (okay, maybe just celebrating).  

My next visit was with my mom, also my birthday weekend.  I loved Charleston so much I wanted to bring her.  She loved the city too.   Walking around this weekend, I saw all the mother daughter combinations and felt a little nostalgic.      I'm happy I have that memory though!

We arrived in Charleston just in time for lunch.     Too early for check in, we wandered around the park along the water for awhile, just breathing it all in and starting to relax.    

Lunch was at Slightly North of Broad.   I've had this on my list of places to go forever.  John had a grilled reuben with some really yummy (I hate that word, but it works here) chips and I had a duck confit pizza topped with arugula lemon salad.    The pizza was good, light.  I had to pack most of it up though as  we were heading to cooking class after lunch and wanted to save a little room for tasting.  (More on that soon!)

Favorite location for a road trip?    What's next up on your list? 


  1. I love long weekend trips. We went to Charleston for the first time at the end of January to celebrate our 32nd anniversary. Other places we've been for weekend trips include Williamsburg, VA, Savannah,GA and NYC. We've been other places too but those cities are my faves!

  2. Annette - Congratulations on 32 years! That's amazing! Love NY for a wonderful weekend away. I need to add Savannah and Williamsburg to the list. Thanks for the ideas!


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