Thursday, March 17, 2011

Etsy Wedding Love

I'm so happy.  Warmer weather is on the way, the sun is out.   Spring is finally here!   Plus, it's St. Patrick's day and who doesn't love a good holiday?

I thought I'd spread a little etsy love today and share some of my favorites that made their way into our wedding.   I would encourage you to check out these sellers.   They were all truly wonderful to work with and helped to make my wedding day special with each of their creative and unique touches.

Our ring bearer bowl, by Paloma's Nest.   I love that we were able to use this during our wedding and can continue to display it now at home.   I'm looking forward to hanging it on our Christmas tree next year.   The quote holds a special memory for me and was a subtle way of personalizing our day.

I love lace.   I especially love French lace.    The French Nest Company is filled to the brim with all kinds of sweet French touches.  I want to gather them all up and surround myself with them!   We used this lace in our favors.

These bags are fabulous!  I was looking for a unique Welcome Bag and stumbled across these beauties.     This Love Languages bag in natural and gold by The Bucktoothed Bunny shares love in all of the languages of the world.   These fit perfectly with our love of travel, our wedding colors, and were a very practical way to hold all of our welcome items for our out of town guests.

And confession time, here are a few treats that we tried out for the wedding, but were so good, they were gone before we could incorporate them.   If we did it all over again, they would definitely make their way into the list of official wedding sweets!

French nougats by Kettle Confections.  Aren't they beautiful?   They were the perfect color match for our wedding and really good too.   Sweet, but not too sweet. 

Another little cutie.    See a trend here?   They were so adorable, they never made it to the wedding.   Check out her shop at Sugar & Flour.   Lots of gorgeous designs and colors.   Great for parties!

There's one more favorite that I'm saving for later.   So special it requires it's very own post!

Any other etsy brides out there?   What items did you incorporate into your special day?   Love for you to share your etsy wedding love in the comments below.


  1. That ring holder is such a cute idea! I love wedding items that you can use again.

  2. Makes me want to have another wedding... and I LOVE that ring bearer bowl! New follower from the EBT...


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