Monday, April 18, 2011

A Walk with my Brother

It is not often that I get to spend an entire afternoon with my brother.    It is actually pretty rare that I even get a few hours.   The man works more than almost anyone I know, with the exception of my husband.    Oh, and maybe my dad.     And probably me too, when I was working full time.

I feel lucky that I am able to visit him here in New York.    Besides the free place to stay, its been lots of fun watching him move around the city and grow up a bit in the process.    So yesterday, as the sun cleared away all the cloudy skies and warmed the spring air, he had a few hours break from his work and suggested we go for a walk through Central Park, one of my favorite spots in New York, actually in anywhere.

We walked the length of the park, talking and catching up on all the usual topics.   I tried to sprinkle in little bits of older sisterly advice in the process.     I figure someones got to do it.  

It was a nice visit that brought back lots of good and some sad memories from the past several years.   Even the sad memories are good though.  

We ended up in his old neighborhood in the upper west side. Walking for hours can make you a little thirsty!  

This is my (currently) single brother.    He may kill me for this post and make me take it down immediately, but I think he secretly wants to be famous, so here he is.   (He's a good guy.)

After a totally (un)healthy and salt laden dinner of chips, salsa and guacamole, we caught a cab back and dropped my brother back at his office and me back at his place.     I settled into the futon for yet another documentary.   Food, Inc.   Profoundly disturbing and reinforcing.     Kept me up for hours.  

Today, after a quick and wonderful visit, I'm heading back to North Carolina.   I miss home, my husband and my cat.   I said my version of prayers for those impacted by the tornadoes this weekend.  I'll have to do my own little damage patrol downtown tomorrow to make sure my place is still in tact.

Happy Monday.  


  1. Great top photo...looks like a wonderful day!!

    Glad you're enjoying your visit, but coming home is also so nice. :-)

  2. Your pics are gorgeous! Sounds like a great visit with your bro - I don't see mine often. Hope all is well at your place xo

  3. aww, brothers are great, aren't they? nyc makes me think of spending time with my brother too (he lives there as well). it's nice that we get along now that we're growed ups. :)


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