Sunday, April 17, 2011

Live From New York

It's Sunday morning.  

In New York for the weekend visiting with my dad and brother.   It is good to be back.  

After arriving on Friday and settling into my brother's place, we made a trip out to Brooklyn to try The Dressler for dinner.   Had a wonderful time, would definitely recommend.   Fabulous atmosphere, great food, better company.

Coming from North Carolina, I was not prepared for the semi frigid temps this weekend.   I got out for a good long walk with my dad yesterday morning before the storms blew through the city last night.    We did our usual marathon walk, which typically starts with some version of caffeinated beverage and the New York Times.  My dad also started with a green tea cookie, which was surprisingly good, but who eats cookies for breakfast?  

Post coffee, we headed north and kept walking until the rain was too heavy to continue.   We stopped in the New York Public Library for my dad to look up a book for some work research, poked into Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building, even Macy's.    Good stops for a cold and dreary day.  

Before heading back home we ducked out of the rain for a bit for some hummus.   Yum.  

The rain and wind came through in full force once we got back to my brother's place.  We decided to cancel our dinner reservations, order take out and spend the night inside watching a documentary marathon on netflix.   I wasn't feeling super great anyway, so it was just a good quiet time home with the fam.  (I consider the documentary watching an upgrade from previous marathons at my brothers house, which typically consisted of things like The Hills and Jersey Shore.  I guess we really are getting old.)

This morning, another coffee stop and dropped my dad off.     Beautiful outside.   It has warmed up, the sun is out and the flowers are in full bloom.   Today is looking much more promising.

Wishing you a great rest of your weekend wherever you may be!


  1. Sounds chilly but wonderful photos!!!

    Always nice to spend some time with family enjoying some delicious food and company!!

  2. i am so jealous of you right now!

    gorgeous, gorgeous photos.


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