Monday, January 24, 2011

Moving On

Wow.   I don't know if it is the New Year, the fact that my wedding, honeymoon and other assorted festivities are now in the distant past, or some other strange unexplained phenomena, but I suddenly have a colossal burst of energy to get things done.

So much to do, but where to begin?    

We are in the midst of combining households (I may hold the record for longest move-in ever) and trying to figure out what new married life looks like while balancing the ginormous task of the incredible amount of paperwork, phone calls and planning to be done (okay, I may be making this a bigger deal than it is) and I just feel like playing or doing pretty much anything other than packing boxes and filling in forms.

The sudden burst of energy though has me on a mission to accomplish everything and more in the shortest time possible.  The sense of urgency is back, which is super exciting.   While planning the wedding and all the fun stuff was, well, fun, there was a little part of me that missed my old self.     I'm looking forward to this new post wedding life of mine.

But, first, I must finish this move.    The days of bringing over one thing at a time from my old house are over.    I swear, I've tried moving numerous times over the past year.   It usually consists of me driving to my house, looking around and instantly freezing.   Sometimes accompanied by a minor panic attack.    Followed by leaving and resolving to coming back "later".

Moving is an emotional task, to say the least.   Other than changing my name, which will happen eventually, it is kind of like the final goodbye to my old life.   Sad, in a sort of happy, but yet sad, but happy way.   Make sense?

Anyway, time to move on.     I've been absent for the past week or so as I've finally starting digging in.   My days have looked a little something like this:

  • Putting on my moving clothes and driving a car full of boxes 20 minutes to the old house. 
  • Lugging boxes up three flights of stairs. 
  • Wrapping up a million things in at least as much newspaper.   Permanent newsprint on hands.   
  • Lugging one box at a time down three flights of stairs to the car (or persuading John to come over after work and carry the 'really heavy' ones).
  • Getting temporarily sidetracked with trips down memory lane by looking at old photographs, reading old letters, etc.   
  • Driving back to the new house, slowly, to make sure nothing breaks along the way.    
  • Lugging one box at a time into the house where it sits until the next day.     I thought our house was a mess before with all the wedding stuff, boy was I wrong. 
  • Unwrapping each piece and cleaning every single item before it finds a home.    I'm sure it was clean before, but now that it has a new home, I suppose it needs to be super clean. 
  • Rearranging cabinets, shelves and drawers, over and over again, until space clears up for new things. 
  • Back to step one. 

So much fun...  I can hardly stand it.    

On a positive note:

  • I will have a lot more time on my hands when this is done. 
  • Every day is a little like Christmas.   Wrapping, unwrapping, repeat.
  • My things will be really (really) clean. 
  • I finally have my wok back. 
  • The days of the house as "Man Cave" are numbered.

Once this move thing is finally done, I have lots of new things to share and some exciting ideas brewing.     Plus some fun new wedding and honeymoon posts on their way soon...  Moving on is a good thing!  

(now... back to work...)


  1. Good luck with your move! I know very very well how stressful it is seeing as I have mmoved three times in the past year. and only one of them had movers.

    Then i helped my mom and dad move.. and my dad and I moved every single piece of their furniture on our own. And I am neither strong nor handy :(

    Moving makes me never want to buy anything again because it will just become something that I have to carry around in a box.. but that feeling only lasts a few months (thankfully)

  2. I can totally relate! We've moved about 18 times (can you believe it??) so I'm almost a pro at packing/labelling/unpacking by now. Still, it's always bittersweet - it brings back those memories of how excited we were to be moving in and then it's sad to be saying good-bye to another chapter in our lives. good luck with it! I'm sure you'll be glad to never see another box for a while! :)

  3. Sounds like a lot of work! I despise moving except for the fact that it makes you clean out and reorganize which makes one feel settled. It is always a little hard though to say good bye to an old familiar place.

  4. Ugh, moving can be such a pain! Hope it goes smoothly for you!


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