Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 - A Magical Year

Some years are pure magic.    2010 definitely made my top ten list, probably top three and quite possibly my favorite year.

So many life changing moments and memories.   I am a little saddened to leave it all behind but truly excited about what lies ahead.     After several very difficult years, it was a year filled with hope and love and happiness.  Five years ago if you would have asked me what I would be doing in 2010, I would have never predicted it.   I am a bit of a planner by nature and this year was all about adventure and going with the flow.    As we move into 2011, I'm moving back into planning mode again, re-energized from this free spirited year.  

A few of my favorite memories!


I admit, I've got nothing here.    This was my first month as a 'free woman', spent largely cleaning, getting organized and resting.    I suppose this is what January is all about.    That, and I topped it off with my first ever car accident (no fault of my own, but still a minor milestone)!


A visit to one of my favorite cities to see my favorite (and only!) brother, followed by a sweet case of what I like to refer to as my time with the 'swine flu'.   


The moment we'd all been waiting for (mostly me!)   A surprise trip to Rome and a very romantic proposal!


An Atlantic crossing, Spain, Portugal, new friends and a lifetime of memories.


A month in Rome.   Apartment by the Spanish Steps.   First time traveling alone.   Visits from Dad and John.    Words won't do this one justice, an unforgettable experience in my favorite city.

Paris in the Springtime.    Is there anything more romantic?   (time to head home)


Home Sweet Home


Celebrating our engagement, introducing family and diving head first into wedding planning! 


Who can forget the Blueberry Boy Bait?   And all of the time behind the scenes trying to work it off...


A marathon wedding planning weekend in Asheville, engagement photos, shower in Saint Louis, dress fittings, details, details, details...   An incredibly fun month!


My Fairytale Wedding.   Intimate and small.   Surrounded by Family and lots of love.    Marrying my best friend.  The wedding of my dreams.  


More Celebrations!!!!  The photo doesn't do this justice.   This was an incredibly fun party.  (and of course, a very exciting first official Thanksgiving)


More parties, holidays and a truly wonderful honeymoon!  Photos and details will be coming...

Phew.   That was a fun little trip through time.   Almost impossible to boil that down to a few favorites.   I hope you've enjoyed traveling with me this past year!    This blog was born in April is an ever evolving labor of love.  There will be some exciting changes in the New Year, I hope that you will continue along with me... thanks for all of continued your friendship and support!


  1. Great year...and lovely photos!

  2. INDEED u had a magical year!!!! - lucky u - *jealous* - but i LOVE reading about people's amazing postive journies!!!!

  3. My goodness, what a wonderful year it's been for you! You had such a gorgeous wedding.

  4. Looks like a fabulous year!! Wishing you the best in 2011. Your blog is great.

  5. Great photos, fabulous year. Please post more photos from the November party! Love it!

  6. what a wonderful recap.

    i truly loved reading your european exploits (and everything else, too!), and am so glad i found your happy little blog. :)


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