Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Wedding Planner

If there is one thing I learned in business it is that great ideas really don't matter until they are successfully implemented.

If there are two things I learned in business, it would be the above followed by the understanding that implementation of these great ideas is often best delegated to those with expertise over and beyond your own.  

All resulting in learning that the most important job I had was to find the talent to make the great ideas happen.   Challenging, but also very rewarding when you get it right.

I found that skill, while certainly a must have requirement, is definitely not the most important factor.    I look for a spark, a passion, a drive that not only indicates a strong work ethic, but also a joyous pursuit of success.     Hard to find, but oh so worth it.

In my own pursuit of a successful wedding, applying the same principle, I realized I couldn't go it alone.   I needed someone who could understand my vision and partner with me to make it happen in a way that I could only dream of.  

Another small sneak peak, courtesy of Visio Photography

I needed a Wedding Planner.

My initial requirements were straightforward.   I wanted someone with experience, based locally in Asheville,  since we were not overly familiar with the area.   Beyond that, I went with my gut, seeking out that special spark and passion, someone I could truly partner with and have a little fun with during the process.

I can't recall exactly how I found Emily at Occasions by Emily.    It was pretty early on in the process, even before I found my venue.    Was looking in Asheville and came across a random blog post with gorgeous pictures from a wedding they had done.     Which somehow led me to her blog and website, which led me to this little tidbit:

"Emily earned a BA in French from UNC Asheville and a Master of Public Affairs from Western Carolina University.   As a student of culture and people, Emily enjoys multi-cultural events and traveling abroad."

Just the spark, the unique angle, the connection, I was seeking.    I reached out to see if she was available.     She promptly responded (a non-negotiable criteria) and we proceeded to have a wonderful discussion.     It was like I was talking to an old friend.      I had a good feeling which was confirmed by the time we traveled to Asheville again to meet both her and her Director,  Elizabeth, in person.     My instinct was right.

I'd love for you to meet her!     I think you'll agree she is just as fabulous as I think she is!

Emily and her team did such a fantastic job with our wedding.   They were a dream to work with.   Fun, knowledgeable, amazingly responsive and kept us completely on track.   They knew exactly what we were looking for and how to work with us, together, but also as individuals.  When I reiterated my goal of a near flawless wedding, they didn't even flinch (at least publicly), but just made it happen.

All right... it has been so long since my last post, I at least owe you one more! (Visio Photography)

And for any prospective brides who might be reading this, I highly (highly) encourage the services of a planner.    The peace of mind and day of coordination is worth every single penny.


  1. I am so excited to see more pictures of your wedding!

  2. your sneak peeks are positively stunning!

    thank you for your kind comment on my post the other day. it really meant a lot. :)

  3. The photos are gorgeous!! I'm so glad you had a positive experience with a wedding planner :). My cousin planned our (very small) wedding and we were pleased. That was 8 years ago, though, and my tastes have changed tremendously since then!!

  4. Beautiful! Can't wait to see more photos. The setting for you wedding was gorgeous!

  5. Lovely sneak peeks...can't wait to see more!!


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