Friday, August 6, 2010

Wine Tasting in Paris

Remember when I told you about how much fun I had with our very passionate chef Andrea in Rome?    I like to think I had a similar kind of experience in Paris with Oliver.

No... not what your thinking...  but it did catch your attention, right?

This experience is of the wine tasting variety.   What better place to learn about French wines than in Paris?     It didn't take me too long before I discovered O'Chateau and based on the tripadvisor reviews, I signed up immediately.

I had already discovered the joys of drinking wine in Europe given the six weeks of practice that I had behind me.   I'll admit it was of the inexpensive variety as I became really good at living on a college student's budget.    Before you judge, the inexpensive variety in Europe is actually somewhat drinkable.

(Have I mentioned that I'd love to live in Europe?)

Back to the class.  It was time to obtain a little bit more of a sophisticated education on the topic.    Signed up for a two hour class one evening.   Meandered over to its location on a side street near the Louvre where I was greeted by a very attractive French man who led me through the back courtyard area and down the winding staircase into the dark cave.     A long table set with glasses.   Intimate lighting.    Very soothing atmosphere.    Doesn't it look romantic?

Relatively small class.   Primarily Americans.   Mostly there for the same reason I was, to learn about wine in a fun and relaxed setting.  

Olivier, our sommelier, was absolutely fantastic.    Entertaining, knowledgeable, seriously funny and did I mention he was cute too?   He took us through a wonderful grouping of wines in all varietals, stopping to explain the basics as well as some advanced topics.  All in a very approachable and down to earth way.  They are not stingy with the wine either.   Generous pours and seconds available for anything you wanted just a little bit more of.   Time flew by.   A great memory of my time in Paris.

Here's where I am a little disappointed in myself.   Well, a lot, really.    I know that I tend to 'lose knowledge' as these events progress.   Wine does this with my memory.   To ward this off, I took copious notes.   Like two pages worth.   Back and front.   Details.  Serious details.   I wanted to impress you a little with some of my new found knowledge.

Now ask me where this amazing educational material is today.  

That's right.  I have no idea.   Probably sitting in some trash heap outside of Paris.   Sigh.

Well, I guess I will just need to go back.

You should go too.   You'll love it.   Light, entertaining, fun and maybe you'll learn something too.   Plus, if you are lucky, you'll meet some interesting people and enjoy a lovely evening in a Parisian wine cellar drinking good wine.  

By the way, O'Chateau offers all kinds of wine experiences.   Next time I go, I think I'll try the champagne cruise on the Seine, but there's also classes with chocolate or cheese.    All perfect pairings I think!


  1. mmmmm ANY of those classes sound amazing!

    you are so adventurous. i'm completely envious of all these neat things you found to do on your trip. i spent the vast majority of my time in europe basically fumbling around bumping into some interesting things, but almost exclusively by accident.

    whether you realize it or not, you've got quite the hang of travel writing. a guide would be really interesting from your perspective.

    i'm just sayin'.

    happy weekend!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Next time I'm in Paris and Italy I'll be sure to source out some of these fun things instead of just shopping and sightseeing! : )

  3. What is on the bread? That looks delicious! Your adventures always sound like so much fun. I would love to go to Paris and do a wine tasting, it sounds amazing.

  4. another great blog......your posts always make me hungry!!


  5. kelli - Thank you! I do love it! And PS - must of the time I was happily fumbling around too. I just know that every once in awhile, I need to turn to a little structure to keep me on my toes! It is a balance.

    lisa - Hey.... there is nothing wrong with a little shopping and sightseeing! :)

    WW - thank you!


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