Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wedding Thoughts Returning

Taking a break from my regularly scheduled travel updates to jump in with a wedding related topic.  I did just get engaged almost two months ago and I haven't written about it once. 

I have been so busy being on my trip that I've had little time to think about a wedding.  I never thought I'd say that out loud.   But, yes, I've been more focused on my own survival than dreaming about dresses and flowers.     Besides the fact that I know I want something very simple.   That's helped me to put off thinking about it over the last couple of weeks.   

Now that I have just about two weeks left, it is starting to creep up again.   I'm actually getting a little excited to start planning.    This is all so completely overwhelming though.  I have no idea where to begin.  I feel like I am back at work.

Thank goodness I have an excellent internet connection here or I think I'd go crazy.   I do have a little case of google ADD.    I've been spending various random hours in the morning and late at night quickly flipping from looking at dresses to venues to planners.  I have so many ideas but haven't figured out a good way to organize my thoughts and pull it all together.  I had a minor breakdown on the phone with John this morning as he was arriving in the office at 6am.  I am sure this is exactly what he felt like dealing with first thing.   

I think I have calmed down again and in my perusal of wedding sites this afternoon I came across the wedding inspiration board concept.    This is so up my alley.   I can't wait to start working on these and getting my various visions all in one spot.    Then, the fun part of narrowing the many visions down to one.   At that point, I'd be more than happy to turn the winning concept over to an expert to execute the whole thing.     I know myself pretty well.   I'm good at the ideas but will seriously need help when it comes to the details.     

So, speaking of ideas, this one is not mine.   This is just a random one I ran across today that I thought was pretty.   I'm thinking shades of champagne would be nice for an italian wedding.     Ahhhhhh...... getting stressed again. 

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