Thursday, May 13, 2010

Angels of the Passion

My favorite bridge in Rome.   Ponte Sant'Angelo.   Filled with stunning angels designed by Bernini, the bridge spans the Tiber and connects the center of Rome to Castel Sant'Angelo on the way to the Vatican.    

The angels are beautiful, but they are also very symbolic.   Each angel holds a symbol of Christ's suffering and death.   The bridge and symbols also move from the more secular on the city side of the bridge, to the more religious as you approach the Vatican.    The ten angels, five on each side of the bridge, are all inscribed with a line from the Bible in Latin.   

Beyond the symbolism, I just love standing on the bridge, looking across to the Vatican and being among angels.   Despite all of the hawkers and people, I find it somehow peaceful.  I also have two very vivid memories from this bridge that make it very meaningful.  One, a walk with my dad over the bridge in October 2007, full moon.   The angels appeared to be holding or highlighting the moon with their hands.   The second, and more recent, was a walk with John over the bridge at night immediately following our engagement.     

Here is my little tribute to my most loved bridge and its beautiful angels. 

View from the Bridge to the Vatican

The Angels

Views from the Bridge

On the Walk Home Following our Engagement

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