Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Romantic Weekend in Asheville

John surprised me with a return trip to Asheville this past weekend, our first visit since the wedding.   All the wonderful memories came flooding back and I am thrilled that we have this special place to come back to.    It makes the decision to not be married in Italy all the more worthwhile!

A gorgeous North Carolina weekend.   Bright blue skies.   Crisp air.   (See the moon up there?)  I felt like a bear crawling out from hibernation, finally.   

Me, posing. 

John, walking. 

Where we were married, the winter version. 

I though this couple was cute (and I love the setting).

Statues at the Biltmore, remind me of Europe. 

A Valentine's Day surprise!  (And no, I didn't make these, but they are adorable)

It was great returning to Asheville.   Spent lots of time outside, caught up with some friends and just enjoyed some quiet time together.      (and time is definitely the best gift!  (major hint for John if he is reading this :))


  1. Looks and sounds like the perfect weekend!

  2. Nice! Love those strawberries :)

  3. Sound like a lovely weekend...and those strawberries...yum!

  4. John (Emily's Husband)February 18, 2011 at 8:09 AM

    Yes, John reads Emily's blog :) Message received loud and clear. Nice photographs. Smile.


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